Win-win cooperation

PKU College uses its profound accumulated knowledge and experience in order to create an educational program of profound quality. The most advanced educational facilities and a fusion of excellent Chinese and western teaching practices are employed towards realizing our goals of 'valuing nature nurturing individuality, building wisdom and developing excellence', and carrying out our mission of nurturing well rounded internationally competitive talent. Throughout all of our institutions all around the country, from preschool to senior school, our first rate international education and cultured environment is recognized by those from all walks of life in the community.
Working with local government

In order to fulfill the local educational requirements, PKU College works closely with local government in order to seamlessly join in with the local education environment, while at the same time importing our international mentality for school management, and drawing in the finest talent to work with us. In this way, we ensure to construct internationally inspired first rate Chinese campuses, combining our strengths with the local culture and driving the development of educational real estate.

Marriage with Real Estate companies

The cooperation of famous schools and development companies has proved to be a very fruitful win-win cooperation model. By building our own schools, we can have them tailor made to fit our education model, ensuring the highest standards of educational facilities and environment, and thereby the highest qualities of student experience. In addition, the building of schools adds to the value of the land and of the surrounding environs, making it an enticing proposition for property developers, also giving their children a convenient place to study.

PKU College welcomes strong connections with any local educational departments, property developers, suppliers of educational resources as well as individuals.
We look forward to working with you to create high quality, distinctive schools, and to provide service to the local community.


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