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Have you ever imagined an educational system that looked something like this: an advanced international educational outlook, combined with modern educational methods and all the best aspects of traditional Chinese culture, providing for the student an outstanding international education with Chinese characteristics? Or a system which doesn't revert to traditional spoon-feeding methods of instruction, instead implementing a unique system which integrates language, art and physical education? Or indeed, a system which takes a holistic approach to cultivating its students, with a joy-filled basic educational training and internationalized curriculum, allowing students to develop well rounded personalities in an international setting, experiencing the joys of study and the wonders of growing up.

For the next generation, such a form of education is no longer just a pipe-dream; it is waiting just around the corner.

PKU College International School

Under the flag of the Peking University Education Group, PKU International School is comprised of specialty bilingual preschools, split-stream primary schools, and boarding schools for middle and senior high school students. In all, we provide a possible 16 years of continual education in our thoroughly modernized institutions.

PKU College International School has grown out of a synthesis of Chinese and American teaching practices. With specialized bilingual instruction, and high quality educational practices we aim to our school's lofty goal of cultivating first-rate internationally competitive talent. With abundant experience in school management, complete cutting-edge facilities and materials, safe and abundant educational activities, we pass on traditional Chinese skills and values, while at the same time producing students of outstanding English language capabilities, global outlook, and an innovative spirit, able to become global leaders working towards the betterment of global citizens and industries. In sum, we strive to establish a firm basis for a happy and successful life.

PKU College is a high-quality, comprehensive PreK-12 educational institution, composed of preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and senior schools, as well as branches for teacher development, management consultation and much more in the field of educational. We strive in all areas to live up to the reputation for excellence and innovation that Peking University is famous for.

Philosophy Goals

Environment and facilities

PKU College International abides by the natural principles of education, with fundamental importance being placed on the healthy and balanced upbringing of the student. Our Chinese-Western educational synthesis has been developed to meet the needs of our student’s development of body and mind, embodying the principles of internationalized, multidisciplinary excellence.

Our brimming libraries and comfortable reading rooms engage students into broadening their knowledge and entering deeper into the palace of wisdom. Our multifunctional classrooms are well stocked with materials to allow them to be used for numerous subjects; in addition we have rooms dedicated to art, music, choir, dance, drama, photography, science and home economics, as well as specialized science labs for the study of biology, physics and chemistry. We are also well equipped in the field of physical education, possessing running tracks, basketball fields, soccer fields, badminton courts, indoor swimming pools, horse fields, fencing halls and other facilities.

Indeed, the school provides an extensive and enriching digital environment, including lesson plan creation systems for teachers, online information centers, lesson distribution systems. This digital environment creates rich learning resources for both teacher and pupil, giving the opportunity to peruse the curriculums of hundreds of foreign universities, and to study content from untold thousands of educational sites, including those concerning art, language, history, information technology, neural sciences, literature and any other imaginable field of study. Teachers are able to use specialized platforms to publish lesson plans, multimedia resources, assignments, etc. Through these systems students and teachers are able to conveniently communicate, and progress of students can be checked at any time.


PKU College’s excellent work environment, location, and professional development opportunities are combined with generous salaries packages to entice an outstanding pool of local and foreign teachers and managers. We welcome a mixture of all sorts of talent into our fold, including enthusiastic new graduates of quality universities, experienced teachers, as well as wizened retirees.

Our teachers are recruited directly by ourselves. Our foreign staff is primarily from the U.S., particularly from education and training recruitment bases in Massachusetts, New York, California, and elsewhere, where we find both new graduates and richly experienced teachers. While according with relevant local government regulations, the backbone of our staff is drawn from all over the country, undergoing our specialized PKU college training and work experience at the Beijing University Affiliated Experimental School Campus. Talent is also recruited from graduates of the finest universities around China.

In addition, we have recruited educational experts from Columbia University, and Peking University, as well as top-class Chinese and American school principals in order to develop our professional development systems and training programs. These programs touch on teaching theories and practices, communication skills, advanced implementation of teaching methods, and appropriate teacher behaviors. The training programs we have established are guaranteed to stay up to pace with the very forefront of educational research, meaning our quest for educational quality never is content to sit upon its laurels.

Throughout all of our campuses we maintain a maximum of 25 students per class. In elementary and middle schools, the teacher student ratio is kept under 1:9, while in senior school this is dropped to a ratio of 1:8. These low ratios ensure that each student receives the individual attention and instruction that she deserves.In addition, our campuses run numerous activities aimed at boosting the level of communication between local and foreign teachers. These activities are aimed at mutually sharing educational practices and knowledge, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and ultimately helping to realize our dream of a mixed Chinese-Western education.


PKU College International has made numerous close partnerships with top-class universities all around the world. These partnerships give much guidance and direction for the student’s selection of post graduation options. For those who are interested in studying abroad, our schools connections make it easy for our students to study in top ranked universities in America, and indeed a sizable amount of our graduates end up in the so called 'Ivy-League' colleges.


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Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwest University, Stanford University, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of Technology, Institute of Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University, Brown University, Rice University, Cornell University, the University of Washington, University of California, the University of Southern California, the University of Virginia, University of Michigan, University of New York, Boston University, University of North Carolina, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, Carnegie Mellon University, Ohio University, University of Minnesota
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