Primary School

In accordance with local education rules and regulations, our elementary schools place stress on our student’s mental and physical well-being, combining together the development of physical abilities, emotional health and individual's passions and interests. We train the student’s self-study abilities with the aim of laying a foundation of fine knowledge, strong talents and abilities as well as proper behavior and moral character.

Our curriculum is based in accordance with the national curriculum, supplemented with PKU College Experimental School's own individual materials, containing study of both Chinese and foreign classics. In addition to the mandatory local curriculum, the cream of American educational practice has been infused into our educational pie. Focus is placed on the student’s bilingual prowess, as well as ability for scientific rational thinking. They will be expected to read intermediate texts in both English and Chinese, and from there undertake basic research projects and written work of various styles.

Core Course

Every child is magical and unique. Every child is a genius. If we create a enriching and interesting environment, provide various
educational opportunities, discover each childs uniqueness, they will prove to be a source of endless happy surprises.

Language and LiteratureMathematicsScience and TechnologyHumanities and Social SciencesArtPhysical Education

Chinese Language, English Language, Literature

  • Chinese Language
  • Literature
  • English Language


  • Mathematics

Science, IT

  • Science
  • IT

Morality and Life / Morality and Society

  • Morality

Art Appreciation, Music, Dance, Violin, Calligraphy

  • Art Appreciation
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Violin
  • Calligraphy

Fundamental P.E., Swimming

  • Fundamental P.E.
  • Swimming

Extra-Curricular Activities

Creative Practice、Individual Growth、Special Research、Club Activities、Overseas Activities

Creative PracticeIndividual GrowthSpecial ResearchClub ActivitiesOverseas Activities
  • Planning, organizing and participating in school activities
  • Engaging in the running of the school
  • Local community activities
  • Healthy body and mind
  • Interpersonal skills
  • School acclimatization guidance
  • Research activities
  • Specialty lectures
  • Special guest speakers
  • Choir/ School band/dance troupe/other artistic groups
  • Soccer team/basketball team/other sporting groups
  • Various clubs
  • Activities to develop special talents and interests
  • Culture and art excursions
  • Camping, adventure, scientific research
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● Valuing Nature
● Nurturing Individuality
● Building Wisdom
● Developing Excellence