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    Valuing Nature

    PKU College advocates a natural education - filling up our campuses with nature, bringing children closer to nature and returning education to a natural form.

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    Nurturing Individuality

    PKU College offers a particularly rich and colorful curriculum both in and out of class - providing the children’s personalities the opportunity to fully unfold.

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    Building Wisdom

    Every child is magical and unique. Every child is a genius.

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    Developing Excellence

    PKU College absorbs the excellence of western collegiate education, along with the ideals of traditional Chinese education, cultivating upstanding citizens with leadership skills, creativity and an international outlook.

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    At the recording studio of telecast Qi Qiao Ban

    The famous children’s show in Central China Television only selected 4 kindergartens around the country in a year to attend the recording of the show. We, PKU College International Kindergarten, were honored to have been invited.

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    Student Birthday Parties

    The students all look forward to their birthdays, so that they can share their cake with friends and teachers while making a little wish.

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    Parent-Child Activities

    Activities of PKU aims at letting children feel the changing of the seasons, learn about the cultures from abroad or home, and gain an understanding of the holidays such as Spring festival, Earth day, Mothers’ day, Halloween, Thanksgiving day and so on.

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    Theme Activity Time at PKU

    The theme activities designed by our professional team are highlights of our students’ lives. The school’s opening day, art festivals, food tasting day, parent-child water party during the summer, flea market, English competition, graduation day...all fill our students’ lives with color and imagination.

Specialty Courses
Elite Curriculum

Our preschools

PKU College preschools rely on specialized, internationalized teachers and management teams in order to provide a high quality educational service.

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Parent school

PKU College selects famous child-raising experts from china and abroad in order to explain child development and education, helping to resolve any puzzles or queries that parents may have.

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● Valuing Nature
● Nurturing Individuality
● Building Wisdom
● Developing Excellence