Online and Offline Communication System

PKU College provides a multitude of communications platforms between school and home, allowing the family to be able to check on their child’s progress at any time, and participate in their beloved’s growth. These communications platforms include: PKU College Ikindergarten Wechat platform, weekly communications books, monthly letters from the principal, semesterly child development reports, twice-yearly parent open-weeks, one-on-one parent teacher meetings, all sorts of parent-child activities, "How to Become Effective Parents" Book series, the ‘Chinese Parents Online’ web platform (fumu wang), the‘Preschool Eucation’ web platform, and many other channels of online and offline communication.

'Ikindergarten’ Smart Wechat Platform

PKU College's Ikindergarten is a multifaceted Wechat platform designed for all aspects of home-school service. It integrates a home-school communication system, a mobile CRM system, student admissions system and also acts as a mobile 'micro website'. It is an encompassing platform to help resolve any problems of home-school communication, campus management, home-school cooperation, etc. In addition, it provides a window into the lives of the children at preschool, allowing families to view and participate in the process of their child growing up, right from the palm of their hand. Finally, the platform has allows easy access to the school store.

Parent School

As a well known national educational expert, PKU College can help to explain to parents about child development and education, family relationships and power structures, safety and health, and more. We assist in resolving any practical problems or queries that a family may have, discuss recommended child-rearing methods, and help parents to understand children and grow together with their child.

Chinese Parents Website: a Powerful Internet Think Tank

PKU College integrates resources from the powerful internet think tank ‘Chinese Parents’ (Zhongguo Jiazhang Wang), which includes lectures from famous experts, images, classes, and other information. These resources are able to give guidance for families with children aged 0-18, provide fitting tips and suggestions, resolve difficult problems, and cultivate a close and loving relationship between parent and child.

Preschool Education Website: an Authoritative Industry Platform

Preschool Education is an authoritative web platform for preschool teachers in China, collating the best and most relevant industry information. The platform covers teaching practices, class planning, operation management, Creative Environment Setup, activity preparation, curriculum training, and also has its own shop - helping the industry grow and develop.
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