Student Life

PKU College Preschool Beliefs: A curriculum cannot provide a complete education. Participation in various activities both in and off campus is indispensible for a child's maturation, providing the opportunity to observe the outside society and develop a sense of self-understanding. Every semester, PKU College will provide various exciting themed activities. Every month we will have at least one major activity for which we encourage both children and parents to get involved with: planning, organizing and carrying it out. These colorful activities are remembered by the children for a lifetime.



The celebration of various festivals helps children experience the passing of the seasons and provides a window into both Chinese and Western cultures. The festivals we observe include: Chinese New Year, Arbor Day, Earth Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Father's Day, Children's Day, Double Ninth Festival, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. These festivals and special days provide a rich and rewarding chance for students to experience different aspects of local and international culture.


Special Activities

Our numerous professionally and meticulously designed special activities act as bright spots in the student's lives: bustling semester opening events, wonderful art festivals, food festivals, summer water parties, flea markets, English competitions, graduation ceremonies, etc. All of these add towards a Technicolor life of joyous imagination and happy satisfaction.


Societal Practice

Children are sporadically taken on trips to see various important and interesting aspects of society, including: factories, fire stations, markets, post offices, banks, retirement homes, dentists, food companies, and various different communities. Students will also learn important practical skills around fire protection and earthquake procedures. In general, these trips will allow students to get in touch with modern society, and get involved with real life outside of the walls of their school and home.


Natural Exploration

PKU College lays importance on abiding by the idea of 'valuing nature', believing that nature can provide for children all the knowledge and nutrients that they need. A love and interest for a 'natural life' is aroused by numerous study trips, including: outdoor hiking, 'scout' activities, publics’ parks, natural history museums, botanical gardens, aquariums, etc, etc.

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● Valuing Nature
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