PKU Preschool

PKU College Preschool and Peking University Affiliated Experimental Preschool are two high quality preschool brands owned and operated by PKU College. Because of our dedication to top-rate preschool education and parental service, we have established for ourselves a model of professionalism, standardization and internationalism. PKU College puts due love and attention into all the minutiae of our school's construction and environment-creation. Every detail has been personally and professionally designed and overseen by members of our team. Some of the schools have even been designed by internationally awarded architects - all with the aim of providing a safe, gentle and beautiful environment for study and life.

Teaching Principles

PKU College’s principle of “Three dimensional education for multidimensional outcomes” borrows the idea of a “dimension” from modern classical physics. We apply this sense of a space-time dimension to our humanistic philosophy of education.

Three-Dimensional Education

Three-Dimensional Education is the development of a life and learning space with static thinking and dynamic development for children that unites the trinity of the individual, group and nature. Such development absorbs positive temperamental features, talent, ambition, and metaphysical theoretical understanding as children control the past, present and future. Children are provided with the most vigorous vitality of knowledge, nutrition, high-grade teaching, and a pure living and learning ecology.

Multi-Dimensional Outcomes

Multi-dimensional outcomes again borrow an idea from physics. If the “Three dimensions” are those of space, the “fourth dimension” is that of time. The best teaching methods are those which will cultivate for society the best talent in the shortest amount of time. In Short – a time based education is the best kind. As for the fifth and sixth dimensions (Steven Hawkings takes there to be eleven), we can use them to refer to economic and societal talents.

Educational Goals

Under the banner of “Three-dimensional learning and multidimensional outcomes”, PKU College provides each child a wonderful three dimensional environment, returning education back to nature, offering the chance for an easy unfolding of personality, while providing the skills and knowledge that will allow the children to become the future backbone of Chinese talent.

  • Valuing Nature
  • Nurturing Individuality
  • Building Wisdom
  • Developing Excellence

Education System

The current Chinese education system emphasizes a tripartite model, emphasizing family education, school education, and societal education. On top of this PKU college adds a fourth element – parent education. In fact, we treat this last one as the true “source of education. We propose that with education starting with the parents, and following the goals of valuing nature, nurturing individuality, building wisdom and developing excellence, we can foster students into upstanding citizens with outstanding leadership potential, creativity and international perspective.
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● Valuing Nature
● Nurturing Individuality
● Building Wisdom
● Developing Excellence